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Rostin BK Il rover mini-palude "Rostin" è guidato come un normale cane motorizzato.

Ensuring that the algorithm of the robot is not used for many people to keep the correct performance and also creating a token that will turn into a good investment, which is linked to the performance of the robot.

User will receive notifications with all information about the signals, when our traders place each order. In the dashboard, users will also see the global performance of the robot and the revenue generated by the Trading Pool that they will receive monthly or quarterly.

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Fox Irbis per le opzioni binarie system is built on one algorithm created by programmers and traders, based on 2 years of results on the Forex industry, which has been renewed and adapted to Forex and Cryptocurrencies trading.

To completely avoid losing performance on the algorithm, the service is going to be provided to a limited number of customers.

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The algorithm will also work with an amount destined to Trading Pool. One of the main advantages for participating Fox Trading ICO is the opportunity to contribute to the Trading Pool and receive dividends.

I progressi della tecnologia, in particolare Internet, ha portato il trading delle opzioni binarie ad essere una delle industrie più popolari e redditizi online. La semplicità e i rendimenti elevati rendono il trading delle opzioni binarie accessibile a chiunque anche con nessuna esperienza finanziaria!

The more tokens you have, the more percentage you will receive. All users of the ICO will have free and lifetime access to the signals service when they hold the tokens.

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All users will have access to the signals, but the Autotrading Service access promotion will be only for Premium users who buy more than 0. This VIP or Premium access is given to them with also premium signals, access to future exclusive promotions, extend access to the service.

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To benefit our investors, this Premium access will be available only during the ICO, after which there will be no more available slots for the sale of this type they will be able to sell membership.

We understand the need of users to be able to follow our performance without to be sitting all day on in front of the computer.

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That is why, using the APIs that offer the most important exchanges of cryptocurrencies, we are going to develop a tool to be able to generate profits while you are sleeping or enjoying free time. Of course, by also offering trading signals for Forex, the system will be compatible with the MetaTrader platform, the most common for most standard Forex brokers.

January Company Founded.

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Fox Binary Signals was a project created by traders for traders. We want to contribute our experience on trading to the Binary Options Signals services to provide a quality product at an affordable price so we can help as many traders as possible. Desktop platform and app release BETA In this phase will be released a first version of the platform with which you can already access the signals generated by the algorithm February Launched Trading Binary Signals Service.

After months of hard work developing a real profitable and stable trading method, we finally decided to start with the trading signals.

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This service will be developed with the maximum possible compatibilities. October Launched Autotrading Platforms Once we established the initial service of trading signals and our community started to grow, we decided to add this functionality. Due to the need of the users who do not really have the time to trade all the signals that we send. Also, with this system they copy and make profit 24 hours a day while you're sleeping or enjoying free time.

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Final Platform release Once several tests have been carried out the final platform will be released. September Starting trading on Cryptocurrencies.

Vediamo insieme quali sono le tipologie e come utilizzarle. Tipi di opzioni binarie Ci sono diversi tipi di opzioni binarie che puoi utilizzare per la tua attività di trading, quelle che vedi in questa guida sono le più gettonate, le più convenienti. Facciamo un esempio per capirci meglio… Asset: euro dollaro Scadenza: tra 5 giorni Quota: 1.

We wanted to limit this service to a controlled number of users, so, in turn, we decide to take advantage of the Blockchain revolution to create our own ICO. February 7, ICO Presale. As detailed in the Whitepaper, during this stage the ICO will be opened for the sale of a part of the tokens with an amazing bonus to reward the early investors.

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A total of 2. Everyone who wants to secure a slot in this service, should acquire part of the tokens during this stage.

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Q2-Q3 Final development of trading algorithm. As we have already mentioned, we have been testing our algorithm for months mainly in Forex currenciesbut we will continue for much of in the definitive and improved development of irbis per le opzioni binarie algorithm so that it adapts perfectly to the needs of our investors to take full advantage of the cryptocurrencies trading.

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We will begin to make contact sistema di trading intraday the APIs of several exchange to be able to perform algorithm tests directly on their platform.

In this phase will be released a first version of the platform with which you can already access the signals generated by the algorithm, it will be a BETA phase in which users can report problems or provide improvements to the platform.

Once the web platform and the applications are working correctly, the next step, following the correct steps made in our previous service, will be to offer the Autotrading service for our Premium users.

This service will be developed with the maximum possible compatibilities, depending on availability and compatibilities with our trading method, using the APIs offered by the main cryptocurrency exchanges Q1-Q2 Final Platform release. Once several tests have been carried out, possible errors have been fixed and the improvements proposed by the contributors implemented, the final platform will be released.

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It will be from this point, where users interested in accessing the service can do so, only and explicitly, purchasing FXT tokens.

Thus ensuring the increase in demand and FXT token price with which the initial contributors will have a valuable asset and they will see their investment grow. Leggi di meno.